W.g. Grinders Franchise Information

Own a business made efficient by design.

Every component of the W.G. Grinders business, from recipe development to restaurant design to customer service techniques, has been tested and refined for performance. When you become a W.G. Grinders franchisee, you benefit from the experience of those who have devoted thousands of hours to developing the W.G. Grinders system.

The W.G. Grinders style.

The engaging, comfortable style of a W.G. Grinders restaurant is immediately apparent. The floors are distinctive black and white alternating tile squares, and the glass cases exhibit fresh breads, meats, and salads to give the customer the initial feeling of being in a delicatessen. Curved glass block walls separate areas and add to the restaurants’ look, while soft neon lights, an open ceiling, and full length windows accent the warm, comfortable, but casual atmosphere.

Take-out dining can account for a substantial portion of the W.G. Grinders restaurants’ sales. Party sandwiches can be prepared on 3 foot rolls. Vegetable and cheese platters, deli trays, and other specialty orders provide a way to generate add-on sales and build recognition of the W.G. Grinders’ name. FAX menus, corporate meeting menus, and a kid’s menu also effectively generate take out sales.

Enjoy dedicated, ongoing business development support.

As an owner of a W.G. Grinders franchise, you’ll benefit from a business system that’s ready to run. The W.G. Grinders franchise includes a full range of start-up and ongoing support services, including:

  • Use of the W.G. Grinders name and logo. The W.G. Grinders distinctive name and logo offers you the confidence that customers will recognize and appreciate the quality food and service it represents.
  • Thorough training in food preparation and restaurant management. You will participate in an extensive classroom and on site training program covering preparation of W.G. Grinders’ exclusive oven-baked sandwich and fresh salad preparation techniques.
  • State-of-the-art computer software. Proprietary software to handle restaurant management in such areas as time clock procedure, scheduling, labor tracking, inventory, sales comparisons and reports.
  • A confidential franchise operations manual. You will have a confidential W.G. Grinders Operations Manual on site which details the daily procedures involved in operating a W.G. Grinders restaurant.
  • Volume buying power. You will be able to make substantial savings on many inventory and food items because of volume discounts available to the W.G. Grinders franchise organization.
  • Design and construction. The W.G. Grinders staff will give you the benefit of our experience in design and build-out of your restaurant.
  • Complete equipment specifications. You will have a complete list of equipment and sources of supply well in advance of your construction needs.
  • Advertising and promotion. You will be provided with promotional programs, including advertising materials and strategies.
  • Field Support. W.G. Grinders field staff will make periodic consulting visits to answer questions on marketing and operations issues.

Franchising offers valuable competitive advantages.

By providing established operating techniques, recognized trade names, buying power and other business services, franchising is making the dream of business ownership a reality for a growing number of qualified entrepreneurs.

Sales through franchised businesses now account for more than 1/3 of all retail sales, and are expected to top $1 trillion by the year 2000.

  • On average, only 4% of franchises fail each year, compared to independent business failures estimated as high as 38%.
  • 94% of franchising companies responding to a recent survey reported that their operations were successful.
  • Sales through franchised businesses have out-paced GNP growth by 1000% in recent years.

The W.G. Grinders franchise program is designed to allow the advantages of franchising to go to work for you.

Questions & Answers:

Q. What type of franchise is available?
A. W.G. Grinders Franchise, Inc. offers INDIVIDUAL franchises for the operation of restaurants featuring carry-out, counter and on-premises dining services featuring, s and other sandwiches, salads, soups, vegetables, desserts, and at certain locations, beer and wine.

Q. How much does the franchise cost?
A. The total estimated investment for this franchise ranges from $99,000.00 – $275,000.00, including an initial discounted license fee of $15,000.00 through 2011 for any new franchisees. The license fee helps to cover the cost of providing you with business opening assistance, initial training, and other support and franchise development services. In addition to the franchise fee, the total investment figure includes the cost of working capital and other expenses.

Q. How much is the license fee?
A. The license fee is 4.5% of gross sales derived from the franchised business and is paid weekly. This fee entitles you to continued use of the W.G. Grinders name and trademarks, access to operating systems, marketing assistance, ongoing business development, consulting, and other benefits that come with being a part of the W.G. Grinders organization.

Q. What about advertising?
A. Building recognition of the W.G. Grinders name and reputation is an important part of any business. You will spend approximately $2,500.00 on Grand Opening Advertising before the second month of operation. W.G. GRINDERS FRANCHISE, INC. will guide you to attain the most effective results during this Grand Opening period. You will also spend 2% of your gross sales each month on local advertising and promotions which may include newspaper advertising, direct mail advertising, couponing or promotional items through other media. Additionally, you will contribute 3/4% of your Gross sales to a National Franchise Advertising Fund. Your contributions will be combined with those of all other franchisees, as well as like amounts submitted by the franchisor on behalf of all company-owned units.

Q. How much training is provided in the W.G. GRINDERS FRANCHISE, INC. system of operations?
A. You and one of your employees will participate in an initial training course of approximately 4 weeks at a location we specify. This course provides classroom as well as on-the-job training in all aspects of the business including cooking, management, personnel issues, cashier training and responsibilities, and operating procedures. Additionally, for 2 or 3 days immediately before and 1 to 2 weeks following the opening of your franchised business, one of our Company’s representatives will help you with the opening of your business.

Q. What form of continuing guidance will I receive?
A. You will receive periodic visits from your franchised representative who will provide guidance and quality control, and answer any questions you may have. The Franchisor may periodically provide refresher training programs. You will receive a copy of the Confidential Operations Manual, which covers the policies and procedures involved in running your business.

Q. What’s my next step?
A. Just complete the Franchise Evaluation Request Form below. If, after reviewing your qualifications, we feel you have the potential to join the exciting W.G. Grinders organization, you’ll be invited to meet us in person. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to call Michael J. Bellisari at (614) 774-7248.